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Enabling efficiency to reduce cost while providing innovative tools to increase revenue and profitability while improving guest experience.

Guest Experience

Revenue Growth

Operations Mgt.

Guest Experience Capabilities

Best in class PMS and guest experience platform enabling end to end capabilities to delight guests and reduce operational costs.

Revenue Growth Capabilities

Operations Mgt. Capabilities

Hotel management platform designed to increase operational efficiency with lower staff needs that does not sacrifice.

Fully integrated with leading OTAs

Manage availability and prices of your rooms on all major OTAs from a single management panel.


With TheBrightHotel, you also have access to metrics that can drive critical insights for use in unlocking ways to promote longer stays, greater repeat visits, and loyalty to your brand.

Capitalizing on a loyalty-building outreach program can drive upwards of more than 10% in satisfaction response from your guests.

Hotel Management Platform


Multi-functional payment platform that allows users to hold and manage incidental charges and extra fees related to a property. BrightPMS also features a centralized communication system for employees through text messages, as well as seamless integration with the marketing platform BrightBoost.


BrightBoost is the ultimate solution for hotels looking to increase direct bookings while reducing commission costs associated with OTAs like

BrightBoost is a user-friendly platform that allows hotels to easily create Google Ads campaigns that specifically target potential guests looking for accommodations in their area.

By utilizing Google Ads via Bright Boost, hotels can reach a wider audience and increase their visibilityin search engine results pages.

One of the main advantages of using Bright Boost is that it allows hotels to bypass the high commission fees associated with OTAs.

Instead of relying on third-party booking platforms, hotels can drive traffic directly to their own website and take advantage of the benefits of direct bookings.

“BrightBoost increased our direct bookings share up to 65% vs OTAs, saving over $50K/month in commissions to OTAs.”


Freddy B.

Hollywood Hills Hotel

Effortless Campaign Creation

BrightBoost is a secure and user-friendly platform that allows hotels to create effective ad campaigns without compromising the privacy or security of their guests.


TheBrightHotel Platform allows guests to input credit card details in any environment they feel comfortable in. There is no more need to have a credit card at check-in.

This not only allows the guest to engage in a fully contact-less check-in process, but they have the freedom and flexibility to select any additional services (e.g. – early check-in or a flower arrangement in the room for a special event) or needs ahead of arrival.


Using a proprietary TBHSmartLock created excusively for TheBrightHotel, you will be able to offer contactless room access, all with just the guest’s smartphone. No more plastic cards that can get lost or de-magnetized. That’s TheBrightHotel difference.


Juan Pablo Torre Chief Executive Officer /​ Board Member​
As a Hotel Entrepreneur and hospitality industry executive for companies such as IHG, Juan has developed more than 15 hotels worldwide. His efforts over the last decade resulted in creating hotel optimization tools to reduce operational cost, increase revenue and guest satisfaction.
Brian Chudleigh​ Board Member / Chief Development Office
A technology entrepreneur and operational CFO with over two decades of experience driving strategy in Fortune 100 companies, starting businesses and leading finance and operations from startup to exit. Brian has led M&A, debt and equity financing, and the capital management to achieve 10X returns for investors.​
Fabio De Leonardis Chief Marketing Officer​
Passionate digital marketing innovator driving exponential company growth with iconic brands like Ferrari, Swiss Post, JP Morgan, and more. Proud Google Premier Partner at the forefront of cutting-edge marketing transformations.
Diego Agromayor Technology & Product Leader
Collaborative Technology Leader, experienced in creating B2B solutions with a solid understanding of the importance of the user experience. Designs, develops and tests capabilities to scale enterprise grade solutions.
Matt Bowdy VP, Transformation and Operations​
Experienced in the design and implementation of enterprise solutions, ensuring that processes are developed to enable deployment excellence and rapid scaling of solutions.

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